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Karnataka Legislative council sitting convened on December 15

A sitting of the current meeting of the Karnataka Legislative Council has been assembled on December 15, days after the House was deferred sine kick the bucket by Chairman K Pratapachandra Shetty. 

The gathering secretariat gave the request meeting the sitting a day after the decision BJP MLCs presented a portrayal to Governor Vajubhai Vala engaging him to guide the Chairman to direct the House for taking up the no-certainty movement against him. 

Boss Minister B S Yediyurappa on Friday said the public authority has chosen to meet the Council sitting on December 15. Other than the no-certainty movement, administrative business, for example, the counter cow butcher bill couldn't be taken up because of the intermission. 

Shetty had on Wednesday put aside the BJP's endeavor to move the no-certainty movement against him expressing that he was taking lawful assessment and would exclude it in the plan refering to decides that the subject could be taken up simply following 14 days after accommodation of the notification. 

The officials in their joint letter to Vala had named as illegal the unexpected suspension of the Council. 

"In our view Chairman despises most of the house and it is unsatisfactory that without the dominant part he needs to proceed as Chairman till next meeting," they said in the letter. 

They said certain individuals from the Council had given a notification of no-certainty movement against the Chairman on November 11. As needs be 14 days after the receipt of notice, the Chairman should permit the goal. 

Shetty, a Congress MLC, was chosen as the Chairman during the past Congress-JD(S) alliance government in 2018. In the chamber, the BJP has 31 individuals, Congress 28, the JD(S) 14, a free part and the director. 

As indicated by the BJP sources, the gathering is envisioning support from the JD(S) for the no-certainty movement.

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