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The only captain of the cricket world to win 24 ODI cricket matches in a row, will be happy to know the name

Saurabh Ganguly could be this team's prior leader.  Sourav Ganguly happens in this particular specific list.  At the calendar year 2003, the club won 8 games under his direction.

Other than that, Ponting comes with a list of successful 11 consecutive games.  The album made from the Calendar Year 2006

Ricky Ponting arrives in this particular specific list.  Ricky Ponting may be your leader of the staff.  He's held the captaincy.  Below his captaincy, the crew has put an abysmal listing of successful 2 4 ODI cricket games at arow.

Inch. Ricky Ponting-
Mahendra Singh Dhoni could be this team's priest and also wicketkeeper-batsman.  Mahendra Singh Dhoni has raised the crew in the bottom beneath his captaincy for the skies.  M.S Dhoni happens next in this particular specific list.  Mahendra Singh Dhoni includes a list of profitable 9 sequential games.  He'd won 9 games.

Additionally, there has been several captains of world cricket that have all become popular all around the entire environment.  It features titles which range from cricket workforce Ricky Ponting's leader to priest of Indian crew Mahendra Singh Dhoni.  However, buddies, we're getting to inform you men.  In regards to a priest with a listing of successful 2 4 ODIs.  Thus buddies, let us understand.  Let us view this checklist.
Martin Crowe will come on this particular specific list.  His title has been for profitable ODI Wars games, a listing.  He failed so accomplishment.
Clive Lloyd is available from 3rd on the checklist.  Clive Lloyd will be your leader of this West Indies crew.  He also won the West Indies cricket club from 8 games.

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