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'Pakistan should learn from India' says Shoaib Akhtar

Akhtar stated that inside cases like this we must know from India.  Actually just a curfew clearly was that individuals have locked themselves.  Nations such as Rwanda and Bangladesh are currently doing well with this particular disorder that is dangerous.  However, there isn't any panic one of the folks of Pakistan.  Many folks are currently hanging on a bicycle every day.  Individuals will rejoice picnic.

Islamabad: Coronavirus has been wreak chaos in Pakistan.  799 circumstances are seen 6 and positive individuals have expired.  Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has voiced concern.  He said that people below aren't awake after carrying a type with the virus plus they're coming back into and out from herds that were daring.  Folks ought to take on their own to lock-down and good care.
The Rawalpindi Express reported the Punjab (Pakistan state ) govt needs to inflict curfew to restrain exactly the specific problem .  The restaurants are starting until 10-10 pm.  Individuals are moving together's house .  Akhtar sentenced to realize that the fragility of this period therefore the herpes virus can possibly be reverted and also to avoid the conversation for just 2 weeks.

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